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Batgirl, Hands on Hips by RabidDog008 Batgirl, Hands on Hips by RabidDog008
So I've been a little quiet the last month or so, I lost track of the weeks and when it came time to update my DeviantArt, I realised the only things I had really drawn were Batgirl. Because I love Batgirl, but also because last year I created my own Pop Culture event, Mania Tas. In the vein of ComicCon or Supanova, Mania Tas was started as a market for artists, crafts people and traders to come together and sell their products, and get to meet and hang out with one another. In concept artworks I used the Batgirl I drew to commemorate Yvonne Craig's passing in 2015 (link below) as a mascot, and a short while later, Batgirl, or rather a red haired cosplaying lady dressed as Batgirl became the mascot, appearing on banners, flyers, signs, social media and more. As such I'll be sharing these now, and you can expect a lot more Batgirls/red haired ladies cosplaying to come in future.

Art by me, character's, names and likenesses belong to their rightful owners.
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March 16, 2017
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